How To Study For A Spanish Test

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If you are sitting a Spanish test or exam, then it is likely that you are also wondering how you should go about studying for it.

Having a well thought out strategy for your studies will lead to higher marks, as well as giving you a sense of comfort and security when it comes to sitting your test.

Although there is a huge amount of information available on how to master the Spanish language test, not all of it is applicable for students who don’t have the fundamentals down. You need to know what modules and units will be covered first and then work to systemically review each part.

Below you will find some ideas and techniques that might come in useful when you are studying for your Spanish exam. These are tried and tested methods that have an emphasis on honest hard work as opposed to taking shortcuts.

Have a plan and a strategy

As stated previously, it’s important that you know what will be covered in the test so you can prepare for it. Most tests and examinations will tell you specifically what you need to study for. If this information is not available, ask one of your teachers or lecturers for the details.

Knowing what’s going to be covered will also help you devise a strategy and schedule for your study days.

In general, it’s better to cover one unit or chapter off per day. You’ll find that you retain less information if you jump around a lot in your review sessions, which can compromise your overall grade.

A good plan would involve mapping out each day chapter by chapter, then reviewing what you’ve learned the previous day. This keeps your routine fresh and interesting, while ensuring that you don’t forget the most important topics or ideas.

Seek out and use study guides

Many students find that the use of textbooks alone is not a complete solution for studying. A high achieving student leverages as many resources as they can get their hands on, this can include study groups and workshops, private tuition, and study guides.

A study guide is the closest thing to a shortcut that you’ll get when it comes to studying for your Spanish test. The great thing about these guides is that they are written from the point of view from a student, containing all the pertinent information that you’ll be tested on and without the fluff.

If buying a study guide is not currently within your budget, you can always check for free resources online. There are many different websites and forums that you can join that could help you prepare for your Spanish test.

Find a tutor, teacher, or mentor

For the most ambitious students, it’s required that you actively seek out people who are experts at Spanish in order to get the best grades. These people can include high performing classmates in an informal setting, or paying someone for their time to help you in the case of a private tutor.

Without someone that you can pose questions to and receive feedback on your progress, it can be very difficult to earn the kind of marks that you’d be proud to show your friends and family.

The majority of tutors are senior students themselves, which means that it’s likely that you won’t need to pay thru the nose to get the expert guidance you have been looking for.

Start the process early

The number one reason for why students fail in their studies is from a lack of preparation. Most students procrastinate and put off their work until the last possible second. This is a bad idea, as it can put your academic career in jeopardy.

Although some students claims that they can get away with cramming a few days before they’re due to sit their tests, this is more of a sign of foolish bravado than anything. The truth is that students who cram perform far worse than those who plan and put the hard work in to succeed.

An added benefit to starting early is that you will feel much more relaxed when it comes to actually take your test. Anxiety and nerves can hamper your performance, which is something you’re likely to experience already without the added pressure of not knowing the subject matter inside and out.


Thanks for reading our guide on how you can best study for your Spanish test. We hope that you found this list of ideas useful.

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