AP Chemistry

The AP Chemistry test can be challenging to sit for the majority of people. The good news is that we have compiled some of the best resources possible for you to get the most out of the exam and get a good grade.

Through using the information on this page, you’ll be in the best position possible to prepare for the exam, as well as know everything that’s required of you.

AP Chemistry Exam Structure

The AP Chemistry test is broken down into two parts: multiple choice, which takes ninety minutes, and free response, which should take you around 110 minutes to complete.

The multiple choice part of the exam covers 60 questions, and contributes 50% to your overall score.

The free response part contains seven questions, and makes up for the other 50% of your final grade.

In the free response section, you are required to answer three long and four short questions that covers topics such as experimental design, qualitative and quantitative transformations, and many more. You will also be required to understand lab data, which includes analyzing molecular and atomic views, whilst showing that you can come up with a logical pathway that solves the problems.

There are a variety of free resources that you can study online for the AP Chemistry exam, which can include past exam papers and practice questions you can answer to hone your knowledge.

Changes to the AP Chemistry exam

It should be noted that the AP Chemistry exam was audited and changed back in 2013. This means your practice tests and study guides should adhere to the new protocols. For your convenience, we have put together the best up to date books that can be read about the AP Chemistry exam. All of these books can be found via Amazon.

Study guides & Review Materials

Below you will find some of the best review books and study guides available for the AP Chemistry exam. These books were chosen for their comprehensive detail, as well as their numerous positive reviews from verified shoppers on Amazon.

AP Chemistry Crash Course Book

ap chemistry review book

This AP chemistry review book is one of the few today that offers zero errors, as well as completely covering the material and has been update to meet the new 2013 standards for AP Chemistry. The book goes over only the most pertinent and important details for the exam, so you won’t need to spend countless hours sifting through the book to get the right information.

The AP Chemistry Crash Course book also details some test-taking strategies that can prove to be very useful for most students.

After you have finished reading through the book, you can also take a complimentary practice exam that contains explanations for the answers. The test is taken online, and will help you to understand your score so you can evaluate if you need to study more or not.

Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam 2016: Princeton Review

ap chemistry exam

Princeton’s AP Chemistry review book is a great alternative to the AP Chemistry Crash Course book. Princeton’s version goes over each part of the exam through individualized modules that have been designed so you can get the most out of it.

The included practice questions reflect the newest test formats, along with additional mock tests that can be taken to ensure your understanding of the content.

Self-Study tips for the AP Chemistry Exam

Like other subjects in the AP curriculum, chemistry can be a difficult subject to study for due to the breadth of its material. For this reason, you are recommended to spend at least two to three months studying the material before your exam.

A good strategy for tackling the AP Chemistry exam could look like this: spend two months going over Princeton’s Cracking AP chemistry book, focusing on the topics that need the most attention. You should also complete the practice questions for the various sections that you are covering each week. You should then take the crash course practice tests to keep on top of what you need to learn. Finally, you should keep taking as many practice tests as you can stomach so that you come out with a great final grade.

All of the above books can be purchased through Amazon. As an added benefit to buying through the company, you can also learn from the experiences of your fellow students who have used the books to great success. The reviews can be read on each of the book’s product pages that can be seen above.

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