AP French

Welcome to our page on the AP French exam. We have spent a considerable amount of time putting resources together for students of AP French, which include study and review guides, as well as links to free websites. These resources can give you an important advantage when heading into your exams over other students, so it is highly recommended that you study these materials carefully.

AP French is not an overly difficult exam to study for, especially if you practice speaking and reading French as much as you can before you are due to sit your exams. A good rule of thumb for any AP subject is to spend at least three months beforehand to fully absorb everything you need to know about the subject.

The AP French Exam

The AP French Language contains two sections. The first session is composed of 65 questions formatted into two parts. The first part consists of 30 printed texts questions and the remaining 35 contains variety of audio sources. This section contains 50% of your total exam score. The exam is around three hours long.

The second section or the free-response section consists of 8 questions based writing essays, responding to emails and tasks that involve simulated conversations. This section holds the remaining 50% score of your exam.

The format of exam has changed from 2011-2012. Any books after that year are good for studying.

AP French Resources

If you are already familiar with French and taking French class, you will need a good book for AP exam preparation. The best option is to buy Barron’s AP French Book for practicing more and understanding the exam question’s format. This book comes with 3 free audio CDs, which contains examples of conversations, oral presentations, and one of them contains multiple choice listening questions.

Preparing for the AP French exam is not hard for those students who are already taking French classes. You just need to buy Barron’s AP French Book to understand the type of questions asked in the exam and write persuasive essays.

ap french review book

However, if you are new to French or starting out, you will need at least 2 years of experience with French until you become fully confident for the exam.

In order to quickly improve French, you can always buy this course which will help you learn the language the easy way and prepare you for the exam.

You can take the harder route if you do not want to spend $100 on the French course. You will get to the exam at some point but it will take much longer time. Many free online tools and books are available to guide you learn French.

One of the most popular free tools is Duolingo where you can learn French and other language free. Just 30 minutes of your time on this website will help you improve your French. Not only that, but you should watch French movies every week and listen to French songs more often.

Just check the book like Easy French Step-By-Step book and verb2verbe website to grasp the grammar and French verbs. With a little practice over a couple of months, you will be ready to read Le Petit Prince and try to understand every word and sentence in the book. After you finish this book, you can buy a AP level French book called L’etranger which is a popular novel by French Author Albert Camus.

Study Tips

The best way to study a language is by actually using it in every day conversation. Your brain will not remember things that it does not consider as important. This is why when you travel to a country with a foreign language, you will quickly start picking up parts of the language without the realizing it. You will remember the phrases and vocabulary because you need to. This means you should try to apply French in as many situation as possible.

The good thing about learning french is that it is straightforward to learn, but only if you put the effort into studying the subject material. The books and study guides above are a great resource for French students to internalize the ideas you need to understand to get a 5 on the exam.

You can view the above resources by clicking one of the links above. Once you click the link, you will be taken the product’s page on Amazon, and you can find the updated pricing information, including how long the product will take to deliver to your home address.

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