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Thanks for viewing our page on AP Statistics. Here you will find all information that you need in order to ace your AP Statistics exam. We have compiled only the best and most up to date information that can be found about the AP Statistics course here.

AP Statistics can be a difficult subject to study for, which is due to the breadth of knowledge required and the difficult exercises that are part of the course. For this reason, we have put together the best resources on AP statistics for you to review, which includes study guides and practice tests that you can try online.

AP Statistics Course Information

The AP Statistics exam includes two sections: multiple choice and free response.

The multiple choice section should take you around 90 minutes, and has 40 questions for you to answer. The free response part lasts ninety minutes and contains six questions. Both sections contribute to 50% of your final mark.

The preliminary five questions on the free response test are in short answer format along with an investigative task.

There is a wealth of free practice tests that you can do online for the AP Statistics course that can give you a heads up for what to expect on the real thing. These tests can easily be found with a little searching, although it’s probably best that you stick to the exercises that can be found inside verified textbooks.

Exam formats and questions are known to change year by year, so you don’t want to waste your time by going over old material, which is why it’s recommended to only take practice tests from a verified source, such as a textbooks or study guides for the current year. The last time that the AP Statistics exam was last changed was in 2011.

AP Chemistry Textbooks & Review Material

Below you will find some of the most recommended text book and study guide for the AP Statistics exam. This book was chosen due to its numerous positive reviews on Amazon, as well as for its competitive pricing. You can check the current price for the text book by navigating to its product page on Amazon.

Barron’s AP Statistics Textbook

ap statistics review book

At the time of writing this article, the AP Statistics textbook offered by Barron is by far the best option for students. Not only did the book receive numerous positive reviews from verified buyers, it also contains a comprehensive diagnostics test, as well as full length practice exams. The included tests are a great way to check your learning progress, and can help identify your strengths and where you should focus your studies.

The book contains 15 chapters and covers everything you could want in an AP textbook. The test questions are broken down into simple terms, so if you struggle with a particularly hard problem, the book explains in plain English how to solve it. There are also additional sections such as how you can best use your calculator for answering questions in the AP Stats exam. You’ll also be given free access to an online practice exam to further solidify your knowledge.

Study tips for the AP Statistics Exam

  • Although the AP Statistics exam is challenging, it’s still possible to get a 5 on it if you study for two to three months prior to sitting the exam.
  • It’s highly recommended to use a resource such as Barron’s diagnostics tool to assess your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You can also explore free resources such as those found on Khan Academy if a single textbook is not enough for you.
  • It’s important to know how to use the advanced features on your graphing calculator, as many of the questions focus heavily on calculator use. The good news is that the Barron AP study guide comes with a cheat sheet explaining all of the important features of your graphing calculator, so you can easily get your head around how to it use in no time.

A good self-study strategy for the AP Statistics exam would be to read and review as much information as possible about the test, and ensure that you are taking information from only the relevant sources since the exam was updated.

With some preparation ahead of time, you will set yourself up in the best possible position to great a great mark on the AP Statistics test through the use of Barron’s study guide and other materials that can be found online.

The Barron study guide can be viewed on Amazon, along with its current pricing by clicking the link above.

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