AP US Government

Welcome to our page for the AP US Government exam. Here you’ll find a range of books and free resources to help you in your upcoming test. These works were chosen due to their numerous positive reviews on sites such as Amazon, and are an up to date source of information for 2017.

The AP US Government test is one of the easiest to pass. Although you may struggle with the breadth of subject matter, as it is quite broad in scope. For this reason, you should put into place a comprehensive study plan that focuses on the key areas that need it the most. We will explore how you can create a study plan to suit your needs later in this article.

AP US Government Exam Information

There are two sections to the AP US Government exam, with the first being a series of multiple choice questions that you are expected to answer within 45 minutes. Each section will contribute 50% towards your overall grade.

The other half of the exam contains four free response questions. This is the longest part of the exam, and it should take you 100 minutes to answer all of them.

The good news about the AP US Government test is that the syllabus is unchanged from previous years. What this means for students is that you will not have to worry too much about the kind of review material that you use while studying. Other subjects are known to make some of the later textbooks redundant for personal use.

Review Materials

Below you will find the recommended textbooks and study guides to buy if you are getting ready to sit the AP US Government exam. These books were chosen for their competitive prices, and their reputations for delivering an enormous amount of value in a small package.

AP US Government And Politics Crash Course Best Prep

ap us government review book

This AP prep book was authored by Larry S. Krieger, who is a well-known publisher of books in the AP space. Krieger only publishes a handful of guides every year, but they are widely considered to be some of the best that students can buy. This book is concise and to the point, while still providing the reader with all the pertinent information they’d need to ace their exams.

One major advantage of Kreiger’s book is that there a series of sections that have been devoted to test topics in the past. There are also terms and court cases that you will likely be tested on in this book.

Wrote with the student in mind, Krieger neatly formats all the required information using bullet points and lists, making it a breeze to flip through the night before your exam.

There is also an included online practice exam that will score your knowledge automatically. This online test can be a useful method of getting a diagnostic on how you’re likely to perform when sitting the real thing.

Barron AP Government Flashcards For Studying For The AP Exam

ap us politics flash cards

As a complement to Krieger’s book, we also highly recommend that you pick up the flash cards offered by Barron. These flashcards make it very simple to study whenever you have some spare time, which is ideal for students who live an active lifestyles.

You get 400 AP Government flashcards, each containing all the pivotal information you need to memorize to score highly on the test.

Self-Study Tips

Although the AP Government exam is one of the easier subjects to study for, the time it will take to study the material should not be underestimated. You should spend at least three months studying the content. Anything less than three months and you are putting your academic career in jeopardy.

Ideally, you should have a study plan laid out before you begin studying. Your plan should designate your study and non-study hours, as well as slotting out time for revision before your final exam.

Combined with a study guide and the above resources, it’s likely that you will get a 5 as your final grade if you put in the work that’s required of you.

The books above can be purchased via Amazon. Clicking the book’s links will take you to their respective product pages, and is where you will see up to date pricing information and delivery dates. Shoppers who pay with Paypal or credit cards should receive their books within three to five working days. International shipments may take a bit longer, so you should plan for at least 2 weeks for them to arrive if you ordering outside of the US.

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