AP Physics

The AP Physics exam is challenging. You will need to prepare yourself well ahead of your exam date if you expect to get a good grade. We recommend that you spend at least two to three months studying for the exam. Anything less than sixty to ninety days will severely limit your chances of getting a good mark in AP Physics, so tread carefully.

On this page, you will find links to various resources that can help you prepare for your AP Physics exam. These resources include popular study guides that have been published by some of the most academic publishers in the world. We will also go into detail about what to expect when you sit your exam, so keep reading.

AP Physics Examination Info

There are two sections to the AP Physics exam, and both sections account for 50% of your overall mark. This grade weighting between the different standards is up to date as of 2017.

The first section to the AP Physics exam consists of multiple choice questions, with 50 in total. The first part of the test should take you 90 minutes to go through, and is generally the easiest part of the exam.

The other half of the AP Physics exam has five free response questions, and will take you about as long to answer. You will be asked the following questions in the free response section.

  • 1 Experimental design question.
  • One quantitative or qualitative question.
  • Three short answer questions.

These questions are known to change from year to year. The last time the AP Physics exam was reviewed was back in 2015. This means that you should be careful to ensure that the material you are studying is up to date with today’s standard. Going over obsolete material can be disappointing and a waste of time, which is why we only recommend the current editions of study guides for our readers.

AP Physics Review Book

The best book right now for students of AP Physics is 5 Steps to a 5 AP Physics book.

ap physics review book

This study guide is up to date with the expectations that are placed on students for this year, and is one of the very few that you can find on AP Physics.

The best part of this book is that it comes with a range of practice tests for you to get used to answering questions on AP Physics. If these practice tests are not enough for you, some online sources such as the College Board also provides past questions for free.

This book has received its share of positive reviews on Amazon, as many students are singing the book’s praises. In their reviews, some students also outlined their experience with taking the exam in general, which also may be of interest to you.

The 5 Steps to a 5 AP Physics book is simply the best resource that you can read before the exam. It is one of the few books you can read that has been updated to today’s standard, as well as providing practice tests that are rich with answers to the exam’s toughest questions.

Self-Study Tips

Although complicated, studying for the AP Physics exam is fairly straight forward. You won’t need to memorize a ton of dates or information. AP Physics is more about applying what you know already, and showing you are able to come to a logical conclusion.

Your preparedness for the exam will have far more impact on your final grade than talent or intelligence alone. Even gifted students will need to go over practice tests to ensure that they have adequately absorbed the key concepts of  AP Physics, and the more tests you do, the better.

Consistency in your study habits will go a long way to ensuring a high grade. Instead of doing everything a few weeks before the exam, try spacing out your cramming sessions a few months in advance. Additionally, AP Physics really isn’t a subject you can cram in the first place. You will always have the expectation to put the hard work in. It’s always better to develop good study habits early as opposed to suffering the consequences of a bad final grade.

You can find the book on Amazon by clicking the link above. Following the link will take you to the book’s product page, which is where you will be able to see your country’s pricing information, as well as shipping details. Some residents may qualify for incentives such as free or discounted shipping by buying through Amazon.

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