AP Microeconomics

Here you’ll find the best resources we could compile on AP Microeconomics exam. You’ll find links to various study guides and websites that have been vouched for by students who have taken the AP Microeconomics exam before you. These books contain all the information you need to understand in order to get a 5 on the test.

Unlike other tests in the AP curriculum, the Microeconomics exam is one of the easier tests to study for. However, it is still important to allow for an ample amount of time to get a good score on your test. Anything less than three months and you are cutting it dangerously close, as well as potentially putting your academic career at risk.


AP Microeconomics Exam Information

There are two sections to the AP Microeconomics exam: multiple choice, which has 60 questions, and free response, that has three questions and lasts sixty minutes. The multiple choice questions should take you 70 minutes to answer, and will account for 66% of your total score, while the free response section requires you to answer three questions, and will account for the rest of your final grade.

The good news about the AP Microeconomics exam is that the test has not changed for several years, and there are no plans for the test to be revised in the future. What this means for students is that you do not need to worry about your source of information when going into the AP Microeconomics exam; you are free to use some of the older textbooks and study guides that can be found about the subject, although they might not be as comprehensive as some of the other material.

There are some free websites such as College board that offers sample questions and past papers for your to study and look through.

Recommended Resources

Below you will find some of the best study and review guides that exist for acing the AP Microeconomics exam. These books were chosen due to their numerous positive reviews on sites such as Amazon, as well as for their comprehensive natures.

Cracking the AP Economics Macro and Micro Exams 2016-2017

ap microeconomics review book

This book was authored by Princeton Publishing, a publisher of AP tests as a college of the same name. The advantage of buying their book is that it can be used for both the Macro and Micro economics variations of the same test, which can save you time and money.

The combo book contains all the important information that you could want out of a study guide, and includes two practice tests for the Micro and Macro variants of the exam.

AP Microeconomics Crash Course Book

microeconomics test prep

If you are looking for something that’s more of a quick read before you go into your exams, then the AP Microeconomics Crash Course Book could be the resource that you have been looking for. The advantage of this book is that it is fast to read, and contains all the important details you need to know without any of the fluff found in some of the larger study guides.

The Crash Course book also comes with some complimentary online practice tests that are graded instantly upon completion. These practice tests can be a good way to get a diagnostic on your progress so far, highlighting areas that you need to practice on.

Self-Study Tips

As stated previously, the AP Microeconomics tests is challenging, so you should spend at least two to three months in advance preparing for the test in advance. We recommend that you go through Princeton’s book and the Crash Course book to get your bearings, as well as completing as many practice tests as possible.

At a minimum, you should understand all of the important formulas that will be used in the exam, which are provided in both Princeton’s book and the Crash Course publication. The formulas are easy to understand and applied in the real world, so you should have no issues as long as you can remember and apply them.

As a best practice, it is always better to spend a short amount of time every day, which could be about an hour, studying for your AP Microeconomics test, rather than spending hours per day cramming a few days before. You will retain far more information this way, and you will ensure your success in your exams.

The above books can be purchased via their respective product pages that can be found on Amazon. You can get the updated pricing and shipping information of each book by clicking one of the links above.

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