AP Spanish

Thanks for checking out our page for the AP Spanish exam. Here you’ll find some of the best resources that we could gather on the AP Spanish examination. We hope that you will find this page useful. Some of the resources include AP Spanish study books that detail everything you need to know in order to pass your exams.

It should be noted that the AP Spanish Language exam was changed back in 2014. What this means for students is that you should be mindful about the source of information you choose, as there’s little point in covering outdated information.

Exam Info And Course Content

There are two parts to the AP Spanish Language exam: multiple choice, which covers 65 questions, and free response that has 8 questions. Each part of the test determines 50% of your overall grade, so you should put an equal focus on mastering both aspects of the exam.

In the multiple choice section, you will be required to answer questions in both printed text and in audio format. The free response section will have you writing emails, essays, and participating in a mock conversation.

There are various free sources of information that can be found about the Spanish Language AP Exam that is taken care of from the College Board. This is a non-profit website that is dedicated to helping students get better grades across the AP spectrum of subjects.

As stated previously, the last time the AP Spanish exam was changed was back in 2014, so it’s important to keep in mind that some of the material you may be studying from some textbooks will be out of date. For this reason, we have only included the most vouched for and up to date study guides on this page.

Review Materials

The most recommended study guide for this subject is Princeton Review’s AP Spanish Language book. This book includes tutorials that you can use to diagnose what your strengths and weaknesses are prior to going into the exam.

ap spanish review book

As an added benefit, the Spanish Language book by Princeton is accompanied by an audio CD that you can use to improve your speaking and listening skills. You will also find some guidelines included with the book, which will also be used to judge your skills during the exam.

There are also practice tests included with the book that you should use before sitting your test. These practice tests give you real world experience with the AP Spanish exam without having to sit a mock exam, so they will be incredibly useful.

Self-Study Tips

If you have been working hard all year long memorizing what’s in the AP Spanish exam, then you should have no problems with sitting the exam. All you need to do is use Princeton’s book to get a head start on your studies, as well as covering your weaknesses.

The best students are not those who are necessarily the smartest, but those who work the hardest and have a plan in place prior to their exams. You should know how many hours per week you plan on studying, as well as for how long in total.

Generally speaking, you should aim to spend at least three months covering all the material for your AP subjects, not just Spanish. Anything less than three months and you are cutting it dangerously close to failure in your academic career. There is simply too much content to cover in a short amount of time, so it’s best that you start early.

Additionally, it’s also better to keep your study habits consistent as opposed to doing everything in one sitting. You cannot be expected to remember everything that you crammed the night before, let alone understand it or answer questions about it. Space out your study timetable so you are doing a few hours every night, as well as doing some work in the morning for best results.

You can find Princeton’s book on Amazon, which is one of the leading marketplaces for buying AP study guides. Because every country is different, how much you will pay for the guide will depend on where you live, as well as with different shipping policies and time frames.

To find out how much the book will cost in your area, you can click one of the links above and you will be taken to the book’s product page on Amazon. You’ll also be notified of any specials and promotions such as free or discounted shipping, or even the option to defer your payment via Amazon’s Store Card.

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