AP European History

The AP European history exam is sometimes considered to be one of the most difficult exams to studying for in AP curriculum. Although the subject matter is accessible and straightforward, the difficulty of the subject is due to the amount of information you are expected to memorize to get a passing mark.

In 2015, AP European History was completely changed to reflect new standards in education. This means that it’s also important for students to find a credible, and up to date source of review material if they want to pass their exams with flying colors.

The good news is that we have compiled only the best and most credible information that we could gather on the AP European History exam. Here you’ll find a wealth of resources to help you, which includes review books that have earned numerous positive reviews on shopping networks such as Amazon.

AP European History Exam Breakdown

When you go to sit your AP European History test, you’ll be answering several types of questions that will contribute to your overall mark. The first part of the test has 55 multiple choice questions, and should take you around 40 minutes to answer. This section makes up 40% of your final mark.

The other parts of your exam are short answer questions, document-based questions, and essay questions. The short answer question will take you 50 minutes, and you will be asked to answer four questions each. This accounts for 20% of your exam score.

The document-based question is single longest section of the exam, lasting 55 minutes, and is worth 25% of your final grade.

The final 15% of your score will come from the long essay question, which will take you 35 minutes to answer.

As stated previously, the AP European History exam was completely overhauled for 2016-2017. This means you can still use some of the older textbooks to get you started, but if you do, it is strongly recommended that you also pick up one of the recommended titles that can be seen below.

AP European History Review Books and Study Guides

We have put together a list of the most sought-after review books for AP European History. These works were chosen for their impressive value, and the numerous positive reviews the titles earned on websites such as Amazon.

Barron’s AP European History 2017

ap european history review book

If you have purchased an AP study guide before, then you will be well aware that Barron is undisputed leader in student publishing. Barron has an extensive selection of carefully well-researched books that cover everything you would need to know in order to get a 5 on an AP test.

Barron’s AP European History book is no exception to their reputation of quality. Inside, you’ll quickly notice that the book is well-organized, with all the pertinent information at your finger tips. Barron’s books are great for both intensive cramming sessions, a well as for a quick refresher a few days before your exams.

There are practice questions and exams that you can answer, which is a great way to make sure that you fully understand the key concepts. On the other hand, Barron’s books do not overload you with useless information either, as they are relatively short and easy to read.


AP European History Crash Course 2017

european history study guide

The Barron’s AP European History book makes for an adequate alternative or compliment to Barron’s book. The Crash Course is more suited towards students who are looking to revise their material quickly, as opposed to going into comprehensive detail.

The book still delivers good value, and there are practice questions and tests that come with it also.

Self-Study Tips

You need to study hard if you want to get a good mark in the AP European History exam, but it is still possible to study a couple of months before and get a 5. Two months is the minimum amount of  time that you should schedule for studying. Anything less than two months and you put your career in jeopardy.

You are recommended to go through Barron’s book, and making sure you understand each section. Every part of the book is supported by a practice exam, so this should put you in good shape for your AP European History exam.

The above books can easily be found on Amazon. By clicking the links above, you will be taken to each of the book’s respective product pages, which is where you can get updated pricing information as well as the delivery schedule for each book.

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