AP Environmental Science

Thanks for checking out our page on the AP Environmental science exam. Here you’ll find a wealth of resources that can help you get a better mark when you sit your test. You’ll discover books and websites that can aid you with the most difficult questions asked in AP Environmental science, as well as some study tips that you apply today.

AP Environmental Science is a straightforward subject to study for. You won’t need to spend long hours going over past exam papers, and you can be assured that the content you are reviewing is up to date with today’s standard. AP Environmental Science has not been changed in the last five years, so you could even use some past papers as a reference with their practice questions.

AP Environmental Science Exam Info

Like most AP subjects, Environmental Science is broken down into two sections: multiple choice and free response. The multiple choice part of the exam covers 100 questions, and should last you around 90 minutes. It will account for 60% of your final score.

The second part of the AP Environmental Science exam is called free response, and should take you a little over two hours to complete. You will be asked a total of four questions, and it will account for 40% of your final grade.

You will be asked to answer questions that include:

  • Data sets
  • One document-based question
  • Two synthesis and evaluation questions each

The College Board offers a wealth of past exam papers that you look through free of charge. These can be found via a simple Google search.

AP Environmental Science Review Material

Below you will find some of the most recommended books and study guides that we could source for AP Environmental Science. These books were chosen due to their numerous positive reviews on sites such as Amazon, as well as for their competitive prices.

AP Environmental Science Crash Course

ap environmental science review book

Princeton’s AP Environmental Science Crash Course is the most recommended book by students who have sat the AP Environmental Science exam. This book details everything you would need to know for your exam, with a special focus on how to best answer the multiple choice questions contained in the test.

If you study this guide at least two to three months before you are due to sit your test,  you will put yourself in a great position to get a high mark on your exam. This test isn’t really something that you can cram for anyway, as the breadth of subject matter is simply too extensive to absorb in only a few sittings.

Cracking the AP Environmental Science Exam 2016-2017

ap environmental science study guide

This book is the alternative to Princeton’s publication, although you may get the best results from combining both books into one. Cracking the AP Environmental exam makes for the perfect complement to Princeton’s book, as they are effective in balancing each other’s relative strengths and weaknesses.

Study tips for the AP Environmental Science Exam

If you are heading into your AP exams for the first time, then you are probably wondering what’s the best way to get a good grade in all of your subjects. This question is not easily answered, but it will mostly come down to your persistence and study habits. You should aim to spend at least a couple of hours per day going over all the information you need to understand for your test.

When you are attempting to self-study any AP subject, consistency beats trying to do everything in one setting. It’s much better to form small, consistent study habits rather than rushing through the material overnight. Not only will you remember what you read if you break things down into small chunks, it will also give you some much needed breathing room to make your habits sustainable over the long term.

By combing Cracking the AP Environmental Science exam with Princeton’s publication, you will put yourself in the best position possible to get a high mark on your test. You can also explore other avenues of self-study through looking up past papers and answering as many practice tests that you can get your hands on.

Environmental Science is not an overly difficult subject, but you do need to understand all the content that is expected of you. The best way to prepare for the test is by answering as many exams as you can manage, as well as going over the notes that other students have left before you.

Both books can be viewed on Amazon, which will also the price and shipping schedules for each title.

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