How To Study For A Chemistry Test

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Chemistry is known around the world as one of, if not the, hardest subject to study for. This is true for students who are undertaking the AP curriculum right through to graduate-level studies.

For many students studying for a chemistry test, knowing how to put a plan together to ensure a high mark is half the battle won already.

By avoiding the temptations of procrastination and over-confidence, you can put yourself into a good stride and momentum leading up to your exam. There are also a few ideas that you can put into practice that will definitely help you get the score that you desire.

In this article, we’ll be going over some ideas and techniques you can use to study for your upcoming chemistry test. These strategies were taken from some of the brightest and most successful students around the world, so they are almost guaranteed to work if you have the willingness to apply them to your own routine.


Apply the Pomodoro Technique

It may be tempting to try to study for everything in one sitting. Although this may seem like a liberal and hardworking attitude, you could get better results from breaking up your study times into short, 10 to 15 minute periods of intense concentration.

By taking it slow, you will actually speed up the time it takes you to get through your coursework. This is because no one can really concentrate effectively for hours at a time, nor is this the best way to ensure that you remember everything you need to know for your test.

The Pomodoro Technique can work perfectly for breaking up long study sessions into manageable units of time. In between each ‘Pomordo,’ which should last between 15 and 20 twenty minutes, you are encouraged to have a short break.

This study method means your mind is razor sharp and focused on what you need to do in order to be successful.


Find and utilize study guides for chemistry

The main difference between a successful student and someone who struggles is how diligent they are in applying what they’ve learned. A study guide comes packed with exercises that span cover to cover and is inclusive of everything you need to know in order to ace your test.

Study guides for chemistry can be purchased for a nominal fee at most universities and books stores, so there’s really no reason for why you shouldn’t pick one up. After all, this is your academic career that we’re talking about here!

Another big plus to study guides is that they can sometimes be used in conjunction, or as a replacement for expensive tuition classes.


Find a friend, teacher, or mentor to study with

A big part of what makes learning fun is sharing your experience with other students. If you are struggling, or would simply like to improve your final grade, then having a small network of friends and classmates to study with could be your best option.

Sometimes you just need a concept or idea explained from a different point of view in order for it to ‘click.’ Other times, one of your friends may be able to help you with a complicated formula or remind you of everything you’ll need to know.

Whatever your needs are, having someone else on your team can be a huge advantage, and they can be found for free or for the price of a few shared lunches between friends.


Start the process early

As stated at the beginning of this article, the number one reason for why students do not pass their chemistry tests is because they fail to begin the process early. Although cramming could be an attractive option, and even a viable alternative sometimes when you have really waited until the last second to start reviewing material, it is a risky decision to make.

Cramming also means you will not commit what you’ve learned to your long-term memory. Instead, you’ll find that you may need to go over the same material over and over again as you become more advanced in your studies, which is a resolute waste of time.

You’ll feel much more confident, relaxed, and capable when you sit your exams by giving yourself an ample amount of time beforehand. You’ll have a feeling of comfortable assurance knowing that you have put the hard work in, and thus have earned your right to a good grade.



Thanks for reading our guide on how to prepare and study for a chemistry test.

The above ideas have been used successfully by a countless number of students around the world.

In summary, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  • Start studying as soon as possible
  • Find and utilize study guides
  • Try out the Pomodoro technique for enhanced learning
  • Find a tutor, friend, or mentor that can help you get the best grade possible